Акура ТЛ по годам

Acura TL is a D-class sedan with a front or all-wheel drive. The restyled version of the fourth-generation model was unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show in February 2011. 

A scheduled upgrade of TL luxury sedan did not bring major changes. At least, in terms of design. Acura experts only slightly corrected bumpers, grille, making it a little more rigorous, head optics, tail lights and exhaust pipes. Almost nothing changed in the interior, with the only exception that the equipment of the car got richer. For example, multimedia complex was enhanced as its hard drive capacity increased to 60 GB, the quality of the monitor improved and the navigation system maps appeared to be more detailed. Moreover, BSI system (Blind Spot Information), monitoring the ‘blind’ zones, emerged on the list of equipment. 

TL has an independent suspension for all wheels. As for the size, the length of the sedan is 195.5”, width is 74” and height is 57.2”. Wheelbase – 109.3”, which predetermined the spacious interior. 

You will find a 6-cylinder V-shaped gasoline engine under the hood of Acura TL. It can work both with a 6-speed manual transmission and a 6-band automatic (before the car was equipped with a 5-speed automatic transmission). The main advantage of the new transmission is that it transfers thrust from the engine to the wheels faster and the ability to switch two gears down at a time. Acura TL fuel consumption decreased to 20 mpg in city driving and 29 on the highway. 


Акура ТЛ 2014 года выпуска

Photo 2014 Акура ТЛ
Цена в США $36,030 Емкость бака 18.5 gal Колесная база 109.3 ”
MPG 20 city/29 hwy Разгон до 100 6.4 сек Клиренс 6.10”
Мотор 3.5L V-6 Вес 3726 фунтов
Шины P245/50VR17.0 BSW performance AS Объем багажника 13.1 cu.ft
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