Ауди ТТС по годам

Audi TTS Coupe (Audi TTS Coupe) - is a G1-class all-wheel drive coupe, built on the platform of Volkswagen Group A5 (PQ35). The facelifted model of the second generation was introduced in spring 2010. 

German designers did not change much already a successful appearance of TT Roadster, simply correcting the lower part of the grille, head optics with 24 LEDs and fog lamps edging was coated with chromium. Interior transformations simply fall into better decoration materials. 

Audi TTS basic trim includes four airbags, ABS and ESP, electro, trip computer, light and rain sensors, audio system, adaptive headlights, help system at startup on the rise, etc. 

In comparison with the TT, suspension is lowered by 0.39 inches, and includes the Audi Magnetic Ride system. All wheels have ventilated disc brakes installed, and regarding alloy wheels, one can choose from a variety of options in the 18- and 19-inch size. 

Audi TTS has a 2-liter petrol engine with a turbo charging and direct fuel injection producing 272 h.p. The vehicle is capable of accelerating to 60 mph in 5.2 seconds, while top speed is electronically limited to 155 mph. In the combined cycle the Audi TTS’ engine consumes 2.98-3.40 gal/100mi, depending on the type of transmission – a 6-speed manual or robotic S-tronic with the same number of gears.


Ауди ТТС 2016 года выпуска

Photo 2016 Ауди ТТС
Цена в США $51,900 Емкость бака 14.5 gal Колесная база 98.6 ”
MPG 22 city/31 hwy Разгон до 100 4.6 сек Клиренс 5.10”
Мотор 2.0L I-4 Вес 3230 фунтов
Шины P245/35YR19.0 BSW performance Объем багажника 12 cu.ft
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